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We provide public transportation services in South Central Connecticut.

The Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) is one of fourteen regional transit districts in the State of Connecticut. GNHTD is a government agency established in 1973 under the provision of Connecticut Public Act 261, Chapter 103(a) for the purpose of operating and providing a variety of transportation programs and services. This provides direct transportation services as well as providing vehicles to municipalities and community agencies in the greater New Haven region for their own respective transportation programs.


What's new in South Central Connecticut

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    Congratulations to GNHTD's recent 2015 CACT Excellence in Transportation Award winners.

    John Molster, Webster Zackery, and Valerie Howard.


Transportation news

                           "IT Makes ¢ents"

Every 40¢ents makes a difference

Introducing HyRide buses

Watch hydrogen bus in action!

The Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) has undertaken an exciting demonstration program to explore the performance and commercial viability of hydrogen fueled transit bus technology in South Central Connecticut. 

GNHTD 2012-2013 Pollution Prevention Plan under development