Eligibility for ADA membership

Membership for ADA service is open to all persons whose temporary or permanent disability prevents them from using the CT Transit fixed route transportation system. To determine eligibility for ADA Paratransit service, individuals must complete an Application for ADA Complementary Paratransit Service and demonstrate, that because of their disability they are unable to use CT Transit’s public fixed route bus service for one (or more) of the following three reasons

  • A rider is unable to independently ride a fixed route bus.

  • A rider is unable to get on or off a fixed route bus.

  • A rider is unable to get to or from a fixed route bus stop.

Eligibility for rides is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Becoming certified for the program begins by completing an application.

Paratransit rides may, at times, take longer than trips on fixed route buses.  Consider making use of CTtransit service.  The Kennedy Center provides travel training for the fixed route system.

For ADA trips that are outside the fixed route bus service hours or for same day service, a subsidized taxi program with Metro Taxi is available.

Applications for GNHTD membership

Applications for ADA Paratransit service are available from our administrative office. By mail, send your request to the address below: 
Greater New Haven Transit District
840 Sherman Avenue
Hamden, CT 06514
or in person at 1014 Sherman Avenue, Hamden CT, or by telephone at 203.288.6282.  Applications can be completed on-line by clicking the ADA Application Download button below. Applications can also be downloaded and mailed to the address above.

Once the application is completed it must be returned to the Administrative Offices of GNHTD. The ADA Paratransit Coordinator will then contact the applicant in order to schedule an interview which is a necessary step in the approval process. 

Your ADA Paratransit certification is based on ADA eligibility regulations and guidelines, including information from the ADA application, face-to-face interview, potential professional verification, functional assessment, and/or environmental check.

GNHTD requires up to 21 days to conduct the interviews and to process a completed application. Approved applicants will receive a letter certifying eligibility, a transit photo I.D. number, as well as a copy of the GNHTD's Riders' Guide.

Regional Rides Program

Membership for the Regional Rides program is open to any individual currently residing in one of the member towns and is over the age of 60 or has a disability. For eligible persons 60 years old and older, please click on the Regional Rides Program Application button below to download the application for the Regional Rides Program. To view the program criteria, click on the RRP Riders' Guide link.