About Us

Introduction to GNHTD

The Greater New Haven Transit District (GNHTD) is a municipal corporation established in 1973 under the provisions of Connecticut Public Act 261, Chapter 103(a) for the purpose of operating and providing a variety of transportation programs and services. It is one of eleven regional transit districts in the State of Connecticut. 

The GNHTD provides direct transportation services. It also provides service to municipalities in the greater New Haven region for their own respective transportation programs. 

Some of these programs are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are supported with funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) of the United States Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of
Transportation, municipalities' community dues and fares paid by program Users.

The GNHTD encourages all individuals eligible for ADA certification or for Dial-A-Ride to apply for and use the Program to meet their local transportation needs.

Governing bodies

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of member municipalities appointed by their Chief Elected Official and approved by the Legislative bodies of each municipality. Each Board Member has a vote proportional to the population of his/her member community. The Board of Directors has policy-making authority and convenes (4) times a year.

The Board of Directors has delegated program administration to an Executive Committee consisting of seven (7) Board members elected by the Board of Directors as prescribed by the By-Laws of the GNHTD. The Executive Committee meets monthly and has administrative control of all phases of program operations.

GNHTD is an affirmative action employer and service provider. GNHTD does not discriminate with regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

GNHTD es patrón de la acción positiva y prestatario de servicios. GNHTD no discrimina con respecto a la raza, al color, al credo, a la religión, al origen nacional, a la edad, al origen étnico, al sexo, a la orientación sexual o a la inhabilidad.

To request additional information on GNHTD's Title VI obligations and complaint process please contact GNHTD and ask to be directed with the Civil Rights Officer.

Para pedir la información adicional sobre las obligaciones del título VI de GNHTD y el proceso de la queja entre en contacto con por favor GNHTD y pida ser dirigido con el oficial de las derechas civiles.