Riders' Policy Information

To view the GNHTD Riders' Guide, click here (PDF); Reader Version, click here

ADA No Show Policy: A seven (7) day suspension of service may result if you consistently:

GNHTD aims to provide quality and efficient transportation to all eligible riders. We ask that you be considerate of other riders on the service by booking rides that you are confident in taking and by canceling any trips you have booked as soon possible. Scheduled trips that are not canceled in a timely manner or not taken at all adversely impact our ability to
provide quality service and the ability of other riders to make reservations.

Your trip will be considered a No-Show if:

  1. The driver cannot find you when they arrive. A door tag will be left at your location

  2. You are not at the vehicle within five minutes of a driver arriving within your pick up window

  3. Late Cancel - you cancel your trip under 2 hours of your scheduled pick up time

  4. You cancel at the door

Please note that trips not taken because we arrive late will not be considered a no-show

If you are no-showed, any other trip scheduled for that day will not be automatically cancelled. You must call us to cancel those rides as well or they will be considered no-show

Excess Packages/Groceries: Passenger fails to adhere to the package/grocery policy.

You may bring up to three (3) grocery totes or five (5) plastic grocery bags and/or one case of water/soda/soup/etc. (see photo below).

Violations that may result in suspension of a rider’s service include but are not limited to:

Our goal at GNHTD is to ensure that all riders have a safe and comfortable trip. GNHTD has instituted specific policies and procedures. Any individual that engages in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct, or represents a direct threat to the health or safety of others will be addressed.

Note: CT Public Act No. 09-191 makes it a felony to assault a public transit employee.

  • Distracting the driver’s attention

  • Standing or removing your seat belt while the vehicle is in motion

  • Discourteous treatment of other passengers, the drivers or agency staff

  • Eating, drinking (unless medically necessary) or leaving trash on a transit vehicle

  • Improperly dressed

  • Use of profanity and /or racial comments in an abusive or threating manner towards agency personnel or other riders

  • Physical violence, intimidation and/or harassment toward agency personnel or other riders

  • Participation in any illegal activity

  • Failure to follow the direction of the transit agency personnel or other authorities

For a full list, please contact us at 203-288-6282.

If it has been determined that the behavior of a rider warrants the suspension of service, the duration of the suspension shall be determined by GNHTD based upon the nature and severity of the infraction.

All violent and/or illegal conduct that occurs during transport shall be reported to local law enforcement.

To view the GNHTD Riders' Guide, click here (PDF); Reader Version, click here