Riders App & Web Portal
We are looking for 50-60 volunteers to test our new riders app and web portal and provide feedback to us. These new products will allow you to book rides from your smartphone (both Android & iPhone) and/or a personal computer. Also, you can check ETA for your bus and cancel trips. All these things can be done at your leisure without making a phone call. The test group volunteers will be assigned on a first come basis. Please call 203-288-6643. Thanks for your help!

Please note the following:  The use of the Amble App and Web Portal is only available to ADA clients and ADA destinations at this time.

The Amble App and Web Portal asks you to “Select Time” for your trip but please note that the trip will be negotiated in the same manner as if you called GNHTD to book your trip. For example, if you select 10:45am, your window may be 10:30am – 11:00am but the window can be negotiated using the ADA guidelines.